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Free to download and use - CheckBoot

CheckBoot is a bootable read only Ubuntu operation system, which if successful will confirm the ability to boot a host or target device using EviTrack.

If successful, CheckBoot will:

  • Analyse the computer environment
  • Identifying the number and size of storage devices
  • Store that information in a unique folder in a separate ‘OUTPUT’ partition that can be accessed on any Windows, Linux or MacOS device.


  1. When the application runs seven files will be created and stored in a uniquely named folder. The first six files are numbered 1-6 and have .dat file extension.
    These are not immediately readable as they contain file system information which may assist unauthorised users.
    The contents of these files can be provided to authorised users upon request.
    A seventh file named  ‘disk info.txt’ contains information about the number and size of hard drive(s), SD cards or other media devices found during the analysis.
  2. Running CheckBoot should only take a few minutes from start to finish. In testing the longest it has ever taken has been just under 5 minutes.
  3. Due to the different types of systems CheckBoot is capable of analysing; on occasions when shutting down the system may appear to hang or pause for a short while. This is normal, please wait for the computer to completely shutdown/switch off before removing the USB key. 

Download here: evichkboot_117g.img.xz

Details of how to install applications can be found here.

File Name evichkboot_117g.img.xz
Download Size 1.2 GB
Min USB Key Size 4 GB
Hash Values
md5 9a815121197f9f784fae78ff21a39c84
sha256 4ae586b46b0f2e190230bc91c0575de51ae80c325bafeb5fe9bc1cd37dc4b64fz
File Name evi-pen-dwnld-v117d.img.xz
Download Size 2.1 GB
Min USB Key Size 8 GB
Hash Values
md5 9260559a7bd3ec11b55bf92c129d0201
sha256 d7dcb3473bbe65f7f28c07f4c86c5aad4a3ec65c69561d995a61cd244b04af07

Installing downloads from EviTrack

  • Download the compressed application.
  • Insert a USB with sufficient space into your computer.
    Note: Any data on the USB Key will be overwritten.
  • Then using balenaEtcher, which can be downloaded using the link.
    1. Select the downloaded file
    2. Select the target to copy the image to. This is the USB Key you are going to use.
      Make sure you select the right device or drive to write the image to.
    3. Hit the flash button.

Once this process is complete your USB key should be ready to use.  

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