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About EviTrack

EviTrack – is a trading name of Computer Crime Consultants.

Initially used in relation to the provision of secure bespoke computer forensic case management systems developed in the early 2000’s for government entities and police forces. It has now been re-assigned to be the new home for low cost intuitive digital forensic software designed to be used by those with little or no computer expertise as well as more experienced analysts.

These tools were originally borne out of a necessity. To provide clients with an alternative solution. Where the circumstances were such that the normal processes and procedures associated with the task or assignment were not possible. Which in simplistic terms meant that the seizure of potential exhibits or access to them by a third party was not possible.

It is not the intention that these applications replace existing tools, merely augment them.

forensic applications - disctrack

Our forensic applications or tools will be made available just as soon as they have been updated and adapted to suit a wider audience.

With the exception of EviTrack’s Assure imaging application. The majority of other tools are likely to be considered ‘triage’ tools. Where the initial purpose of the exercise is to establish the likelihood of any meaningful evidence existing. Where any evidence adduced would be used as a guide when taking into consideration the circumstances, such as the volume of evidence found and whether that is sufficient for a definitive course of action to be taken, which would also determine whether any further analysis is necessary for ‘dual verification’ purposes.



If EviTrack Assure’s imaging application has been used in ‘forensic mode’ to acquire data. The product of that acquisition should be sufficient for evidential purposes, where copies can be provided to any expert or prosecuting authority. The application is designed to comply with ACPO Guidelines and as such there should be no need to re-acquire data from the original source.

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